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Member Type: Photographer
Title: Miss
Nickname: Kaka
City: Sydney
State: NSW
Country: Australia
Join date: 10 Apr 2011
Galleries: 35
Photos: 488
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Canon 5D Mark3

Nikon D90

Nikon FM2

Nikon F3

Polaroid SX70

Minolta X700

About Me:

EnJoying LIfe Is aRt...
loVe wONt TeaR Us ApaRt...


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{ Alicia }

The most beautiful thing in the world, which also hurts the most, that'd be LOVE, I guess. However, “心から信じてる、この世界にいれば、君に会えるはずです。”

Photos: 10

Views: 2024

Created on 11 Aug 2014

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{ Walk with You }

Photos: 12

Views: 2399

Created on 20 Jan 2015

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{ 25. }

Happy Birthday, my girl.

Photos: 10

Views: 2131

Created on 12 Aug 2014

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{ Love is… }

Love in reality is not like a fairy tale, it's not only between a prince and princess. When we talk about love, the way you look is not important, your background is not important, the age is not important, and gender neither.

Photos: 9

Views: 2068

Created on 10 Nov 2014

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