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Canon 5D Mark3

Nikon D90

Nikon FM2

Nikon F3

Polaroid SX70

Minolta X700

About Me:

EnJoying LIfe Is aRt...
loVe wONt TeaR Us ApaRt...


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{ Love Gives Salvation }

I'm not keen on anything of the world. One day, this world could mean only those scientific structures to me whatsoever. I wouldn't know what I could do. That might be loneliness. -- Love gives salvation.

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Created on 21 Mar 2013

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{ Life is a Circle }

You've been to Sydney once, alone, and you loved it. Now you're here with your loved one, and travel with a photographer. You said you'll come back again, with the little one, in the further future. Life is like a circle. Good things always come back to you, and vise versa.

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Created on 04 Sep 2014

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Lauren's Fairy Tale & Wild Girl

Photography: Kaka TANG Lixu
Styling:Kaka Tang Lixu
Model: Lauren E.
Indian Style Skirt: Handmade by Eloise Wang.

I've been waiting for a very long time to find the right model the right dress and the right place. Eventually they all come true. x

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Created on 16 Apr 2011

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Warm Christmas

It's a warm Xmas.
Merry Xmas.

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Created on 13 Apr 2011

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