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Member Type: Model
Title: Miss
Nickname: Jo
City: Sydney
State: NSW
Country: Australia
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Place of Birth: Sydney
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Shoe Size: 7.5
Suit Size: 8
Dress Size: 8

Modelling Experience:

Timpix Photography Model Mayhem (x2)
Andrew Mack Photography  Model  Mayhem 
Wilf Faulkner Photography  Model Mayhem 
Matt James Photography  Model Mayhem  (x2)
Peter Michalicka Photography Model Mayhem 
Wngland Photography   Model Model Mayhem 
GC media Photography  Model Mayhem 
Guilly Photography  Model Mayhem

+ more.

 Cheap Sober Film Clip, The Wizard - youtube

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My name is Joanne, I'm 18 years old.
I have been modelling on and off for a few years now so I am fairly experienced. I would love to further my career in this industry and see just how far I can go!

I'm comfortable in front of the camera and attend all my shoots with a positive attitude, I like to relax and enjoy myself at shoots but also treat them professionally to benefit myself and of course the photographer.

at the moment I am doing paid shoots only, unless I am really interested in the concept or will benefit greatly from the shoot. Feel free to contact me either way i will definitely reply.