SYDPHOTOS 2012 New Year Event Party

Article Published: Thu, 05 Jan 2012 GMT



SYDPHOTOS 2012 Photography Event Party


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SYDPHOTOS 2012 Photography Event Video

This 2012 new year event party ALL PHOTOS search link is as in below:


Dear SYDPHOTOS Members,


SYDPHOTOS would like to invite you and your friends to a photography event where you can capture the best pictures of our models. Alternately, you can pose yourself as a model for our photographers to capture the best moment of yourself.


Date: Sunday 22 Jan, 2012

Location: Sydphotos Studio: Suite 6, 290 Botany Rd Alexandria NSW 2015


[Photography Event Process Details]

  • 12:30pm: Catch up in SydPhotos Studio (can call us and park the car in our back yard car parking).
  • 12:30pm ~ 4:30pm: studio photo-shoots and makeup (provide some cakes, drinks)
  • 5pm ~8pm: Little bay outdoor photo-shoots
  • 8:30pm finish (the day sunset time) - dismiss when finish

[Event Party Purpose]

  • Promote communication among professionals in Sydney Australia.
  • Professional photo shoots.
  • SYDPHOTOS will select good photographers, stylists and models depending on their works at the event party for our future commercial clients.
  • Celebrate new year

[Event Type]

  • Internal photography event, no charge or pay.

[Join Method]

[Attending People]

  • SYDPHOTOS Photographers
  • SYDPHOTOS Videographer
  • SYDPHOTOS Makeup Stylists
  • SYDPHOTOS Register Models

[Event Stickers]

When you come to the event, our staff will give you a sticker to paste on your arm or clothes. Then other people can easily identify your member type from the sticker's background colour.
  • Model Sticker
    Model Sticker
  • Photographer Sticker
    Photographer Sticker
  • Stylist Sticker
    Stylist Sticker
  • SYDPHOTOS Staff Sticker
    Staff Sticker

[Model Dress Code and Makeup]

  • Every model needs to prepare 2 kinds of dresses:
  • One for indoor photo shoot (eg. elegant full event dress, semi-formal dress)
  • One for beach photo shoot (eg. Bikini, sexy dress)
  • Do your own base makeup before come to the event, and we also have our stylists to help make styles in the studio if needs.

[Reminder for Photographer]

  • Please bring your camera, lens etc equipment to attend the event party.

[On and After the Event]

  • SYDPHOTOS professional videographer will take videography, photography for the event party during the whole procedure.
  • A few Sydney local media companies will press our event after the event party. Your photo may be chosen to be published on the magazines.
  • You may be chosen as SYDPHOTOS contract photographer, stylist, or photography model for our commercial clients.

[Uploading Event Photos - After the Event]

  • After the event party, please use a common gallery name to upoad your photos.
    "SYDPHOTOS 2012 New Year Photography Event"
  • Photos Qualities: Please ONLY upload high quality and not similar photos for your own professional portfolios.


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