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Camera :PENTAX K-1 

Lenses : da40mm,daf24-70mm

About Me:

我的名字 毅愷,我來自台灣,今年29歲,我拿著working holiday 的簽證來澳洲打工度假,我非常熱愛攝影,跟攝影相關的行業我都很願意嘗試以及精進,在台灣還沒有從事過相關行業,不過有拍攝過不下20場的婚禮紀錄跟拍,不管什麼事情我都很樂意嘗試跟學習,希望能在貴公司爭取到這份工作。


My name is Kay, I'm from Taiwan, 29 years old this year, I took working holiday visa to work in Australia for a holiday, I love photography, photography-related industries I am willing to try and diligence, in Taiwan has not been engaged in related industries, but there have been more than 20 photos of the wedding record and shoot, I am happy to try and learn anything, I hope I can get the job in your company.