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Canon 7D, EOS M,

Parrot Bebop II, DJI Mavic, Self-made A2 Core carbon-fiber drone (with GoPro)

18-55/f3.5-5.6,  25mm/f1.2,  35mm/f1.4,  35mm/f0.95,  50mm/f1.4,  24-70/f4.0


Self-made 3D printed gimble stablizer × 1

Self-made Aluminum hand Cage × 1

Self-made Microphone (<=2.2K Ohm) × 2

Self-made Adjustable LED light panel (4000 - 5200K) with light stand  × 2

Working Experiences:

Travel around the world, work as mercenary.

Now working on project "Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition tour" since November 2016

// Free Lancer/Multi-Tasker/Bartender/Consultant // 


The projects I participate since I graduated from university:

2016 COO/Vice Presedent @ ArkLab // Taiwan 

1. Arduino Drone kits design, manufature, instruct

2. Leading education team work on courses design and lecturer training

3. Held speech in university and more places who need drone technology and code.

4. Developing drone GIS/Logistics system

5. Marketing and sales Development 

6. Aerial footage, clips shooting

7. Drone pilot technique training

2015 COO/CMO @ Tree Maker 3D printer Taoyuan // Taiwan

1. 3D Printer distribute

2. Course and instructs design/training

3. HR recruitment and training

4. Business model research and revise

5. Accounting

6. Machine and service promotion campaign in school and company

2015 Oversea Operation Officer @ ΜΕΘΑΝΗΣ // Greece and Italy

1. Military supply chain maintain

2. Oversea operations (imports, exports, taxes and transport)

3. Eletronic component sales

2014 Marcom @ Octago International Company Limited // Hong Kong

1. Maintain distributor and agents

2. Held anniversary feast

2013 Accountant Consultant @ Easton.Inc // Taiwan and Russia

1. Providing market research datas (Sales and Products) 

2. Held tasting event/dinner party

3. Graph design, product shooting

4. Maintain distributor

5. Contact with manufator in Russia

2012 Bartender @ El Jardin Bar and Lounge // Taiwan

1. Mix and serve cocktails 

2. Liquor distillation

2012 Self-Run Wine and spirits import and marketing studio // Taiwan and Japan

1. Photograph

2. Sales movement support

3. Graphic design (VIS, BIS)

About Me:

" That I exist is a perpetual surprise, which is life. "


As previous project over, I decide to move on my journey

looking for more excitiment and loved place to settled down.


Born in 1991, deal with many different field tasks.

Experienced the life most people can't even imagine.

Knows many wierdo from warlord to celebrity.


Always chasing brilliant, and giving surprise to employer.


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