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Working Experiences:

Garage Play Taipei, Taiwan Movie Marketing Specialist (2014-2016) • In charge of Lux cinema member program for customer/partner and effectively reach 50 organizations (around 30,000 people) • Manage to fan pages: effectively improve 175% fan-growth rate by 6 months. ( from 1,600 to 2,8000) • Led marketing program successfully reached around 20,916 participators, This activity increased 4 million revenue, 587% sales growth. • Cooperated with internal segments (sales/engineers) and external partners/vendors for marketing events/press conferences/seminars, such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show .

About Me:

Hello I'm April . I majored in Advertising and public relation which belongs to the best department of the school.

In order to practice what I learned from classes, I shot 20 internet advertisements. such as, music videos, brand promoting, general products advertising. In the end, I won 15 awards in total.

Shortly after I graduated, I was employed by a local film enterprise. In my first working year, I made two major contributions. First of all, in order to reach a wider range of customers, the marketing campaign ends up with bringing 20000 admissions and gaining 4 millions box office on average for the cinema.

After all, I see myself as a very positive, active and a dare-to-try person. I love taking chances and always ambitious to achieve my goal.