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Canon5d3   lenses:24-70mm 2.8   100mm  2.8l

Nikon d700  lenses:50mm 1.4   105mm  2.8g

Working Experiences:

2006-2008 Qingdao, Haipai  wedding photography company.  

Job responsibilities: Wedding Photographer

2008-2010 Founded FANAI photography agency

Under a sea view wedding photography and Fashion Photography Museum,main sea view wedding and costume photography

2010-2014 Beijing ,Commercial photography ,the costume ande wedding  samples taken 

Job responsibilities:Commercial advertising, magazine, fashion photography;the development of the costume ande wedding  samples

2014-at present,work in Beijing Heiguang  Photography School,

Job responsibilities:Photography teacher, teaching photography theory and actual combat skills, and school sample development

About Me:

  • Involving different style of photography ( fashion commercial photography, wedding photography, fashion photography), familiar with the work flow of different photography and has good self circulation ability, self-discipline, to understand customer needs ,have a certain aesthetic ability and store management skills
  • Familiar with Photoshop commercial post repair,
  • Proficiency in the use of various Word Excel; office office software