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Title: Miss
Nickname: Charis-Wu
City: Taitung
State: Taiwan
Country: China
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Working Experiences:

*modeling studio as a stylist *wedding studio as a stylist *TV NEWs station as a makeup stylist

About Me:

Hello, my name is Yujia Wu, born in Taitung Taipei. I left my home city to Taipei for study when I was 15. Because of the makeup school’s introduction I started my work in a modeling studio as a stylist. Since there will be 20 clients per day, I practiced and improved my “speed” skill. In the wedding studio, compare to the modeling studio there weren’t as many clients everyday, and the price point isn’t high. After having an opportunity to work in the wedding studio, I learn how to “communicate and interact with customers”, and also get to know more about the “wedding industry” About six month later after working in the wedding studio, I entered the TV news station and my work type changed to CASE BY CASE. News stations wants their makeup to be “delicate, symmetrical and clean”, so I tried to improved myself in this short period of time, and also learn even more skills. A few months later, The employer also felt that I could try and experience more, so I left the TV news station and also the excellent salary. Now I mainly focus on the case, although I’m still trying and improving myself, i still won’t give up to fight for my opportunity for more people to see my work.