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Title: Ms
Nickname: Maisiya
City: Guangzhou
State: Guangdong
Country: China
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Working Experiences:

My name is Mai Siya, I have been engaged in the work of making up and styling since 2009.

I apply makeup for brides in wedding celebration, for models in fashion shows or print advertisement, for artist in live performance, and the company annual conference, beauty contest… etc..

I am now offering professional make-up training courses, and teaching students make-up and styling skills.

I have proficiency in a variety of makeup and styling techniques, including: Korean Nude Makeup, Smoky-eye Makeup, Cat eyes Makeup, European eye makeup, Men’s Makeup, HD Airbrush Makeup, Special Makeup (zombie makeup, scar, burn, etc.), Old age Makeup, hair blowing or styling... etc..


I love makeup and styling, I have more advantages over other make-up artists because I adept at mixing the hairdressing techniques to make-up and styling. I have a penetrating sense of touch for the fashion and model disposition and can quickly match the overall style.


About Me:

I come from Guangzhou, I am modest, aggressive and with affinity. I speak a fluent Cantonese and mandarin Chinese, with a good spoken English ability.


I always work with a positive attitude, strong sense of responsibility, good organizing ability and teamwork.


Due to personal reasons, I lived in Australia for a period of time last year, I have been basically adapted to live in Sydney. And I have strong adaptability and good psychological quality, in order to cope with different working environment.


My Hobbies


hand-make bridal headwear, artistic flower arrangement, travelling, reading, and singing


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