FAQ: Service Process | Sydney Pre-Wedding Photography


Step 1: Consultation and Reservation

First of all, SYDPHOTOS staff will create a consultant ID for you. And all the following related info will be saved into this for ongoing service use.

The staff will recommend you with information on the most popular Sydney photo shooting locations.

Customer choose the appropriate photography package according to the number of locations they want to shoot, and inform the date of the shooting, and then the staff will check the schedule to confirm.
The customer pays 50% of the total service fee as a deposit (the balance is paid on the fitting day after confirmed all the shooting details), and then the staff will arrange a photographer and makeup artist who confirm the shooting date on the day of the reservation.

Then arrange the date for Step 2 to fitting the dress and suits etc. (usually within a week before the shooting).

Step 2: Fitting Dresses and Suits

Customers come to the store to fitting on dresses or suits at the time of the appointment. The staff will recommend suitable photoshoot dresses according to the shooting location chosen by the customer until a suitable dresses are selected. At the same time, it will also be matched with other matching high heels, leather shoes, belt, bow ties, or ties, etc.

Step 3: Professional makeup and photo-shooting

The staff of SYDPHOTOS will notify the customer the day before the shooting to remind the customer when they will start makeup in the store the next day. All the dresses selected previously will also be prepared the day before. However, if the weather is bad the next day, the staff will negotiate with the customer to reschedule to a suitable time in the near future before shooting.

Step 4: Original Photos

After the shooting, the photographer needs to use professional software to adjust the light and color of all the taken photos. This process takes about 2 weeks. After the original photos are processed, the staff will provide customer with SYDPHOTOS CLOUD download link, and customer can download high-definition original photos remotely and at high speed. At the same time, the download link will also provide a retouching form. Customer can select the photos they want to do retouching according to the number of retouching  photos amount in their purchased package and send them back to [email protected].

Step 5: Photos Retouching

Once the retouching form been received, service team staff will immediately processing the retouching photos. This process takes about 2 weeks. However, SYDPHOTOS promises to provide customers with an unlimited number of revisions, until they are satisfied, so the time including revisions may exceed 2 weeks.

Step 6: Album Design

SYDPHOTOS staff will send you the album design form with two major album design sample styles. e.g.
  1. Full version of the big picture style & album style
  2. Blank Art Album Style

Once the album design form been received, The service team staff will start the design work immediately. The number of photos in a standard album is preferably 30-35 photos. It is recommended that customer choose from the retouched photos for the best result. This process takes about 2 weeks. Like the above photo retouching, SYDPHOTOS promises to provide customers with unlimited times of modifications to the design, until satisfied, so the modification time may exceed 2 weeks.

Step 7: Album printing and collection

After the above photo album design has been confirmed by the customer that it does not need to be modified, the service staff will immediately arrange for factory printing and delivery. The current time is about 10-12 weeks (may be delays in special circumstances. If you need to urgent, please tell the staff in advance). After the album arrives at SYDPHOTOS Sydney store, the staff will inform the customer to make an appointment to collect it. (If the post is required, additional actual postage will be charged.)

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